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Title: Study on plant geometry cultivar and fertilizer doses on growth yield and quality of cucumber under protected condition
Researcher: Singh Bhoopendra
Guide(s): Devi Singh
Keywords: Agricultural Sciences
Life Sciences
University: Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences
Completed Date: 2020
Abstract: newline The present investigation entitled study on plant geometry, cultivar and fertilizer doses on newlinegrowth, yield and quality of cucumber (cucumis sativus L.) under protected condition newlineconducted during winter season 2017-18 and 2018-19 was carried out at Vegetable Research newlineFarm SHUATS, Prayagraj (Allahabad) U.P. Factorial RBD with three replications. In this way, newlinethe experiments were comprising of total twenty seven treatment combinations of three cultivars newlinenamely, Pant Parthenocarpic Cucumber 2 (V1), Pant Parthenocarpic Cucumber 3 (V2) and Hilton newline(V3). Three plant geometry i.e. 60 x 30 cm (P1), 60 x 40 cm (P2) and 60 x 50 cm (P3) and three newlineNPK, fertilizers doses like, 20:10:22 kg/1000m2 newline(D1), 25:15:27 kg/1000m2 newline(D2) and 30:20:32 newlinekg/1000m2 newline(D3). The fertilizers dose applies at twice a week. Similar treatments were applied newlineduring both the year. newlineThe results revealed that all the treatments and their combinations had significantly influenced newlinethe growth, yield and quality of fruits during both the year of experimentation.Among the newlinedifferent cultivars used in the study, Pant Parthenocarpic Cucumber 3(V2). were found newlinestatistically superior to enhance vine length (2.73 m) stem girth (0.80 cm ) leaf area (412.34 cm2 newline) Internodal distance (8.38 cm) minimum days required to first flower bud initiation (42.14 newlineDAS), days to first fruit harvest (55.42 DAS), number of fruits per vine (21.89 ), number of newlineunmarketable fruits per plants (1.46) average weight of fruit (116.41 g), fruit length (18.35 cm) newlineand fruit width (3.45 cm) which ultimately gave maximum yield per vine (2.82 kg per plant) newlineduring pooled , respectively. Further, among the various spacing treatments, spacing (P3) 60 x 50 newlinecm was found to be significantly superior with respect to vegetative growth, yield per plant and newlinequality of fruits except yield per sq. meter in both the year .Significantly higher yield per sq. newlinemeter was recorded in spacing P1 (60 x 30 cm) and least in P3 (60 x 50 cm) during both the year. newlineIn case of dose of fertilizer application, the
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