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5-May-2015Ionic liquid as homogeneous catalyst for one pot multicomponent heterocyclic synthesisPatel, Vaibhav KiritkumarRaval, D K
11-Feb-2015Synthesis, characterization and applications of polymeric precursors from cellulosic wasteParikh, Brijeshkumar KiritbhaiPatel, Jigar V
11-Feb-2015Studies on interpenetrating polymer networks from transesterified castor oil based polyurethane and acrylate monomerDave, Vivek JitendrabhaiPatel, H S
11-Feb-2015synthesis characterization and biological activities of drug based square pyramidal copper ii complexes and square planar platinum ii complexesPatel, chintankumar RamanbhaiPatel, M N
11-Feb-2015Synthesis and antimicrobial activity study of some bipyridinyl pyrazolyl pyrazoline substituted and pyrazolo pyrrolo fused coumarinsPandya, Kinnar rajendraBrahmbhatt, D I
11-Feb-2015Synthesis of some heterocycles of biological interest via azomethine ylide and oxabutadiene intermediatesPansuriya, Bhavesh RanchhodbhaiParmar, N J
11-Feb-2015Polymer supported sulphanilic acid a green heterogeneous catalyst for synthesis of some heterocycles benzimidazoles benzoxazoles quinoxalines and benzimidazolo quinazolinonesTarpada, Umesh PopatRaval, D K
11-Feb-2015DNA interaction antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of copper II ruthenium II and ruthenium III complexesJoshi, Hardikkumar NareshbhaiPatel, M N
11-Feb-2015Polyurethane surface coatings derived from rosin ester modified phenolic resin castor oil blends with diisocyanatesPatel, Bhaumikkumar ManubhaiPatel, H S
9-Oct-2015Design synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of nitrogen sulphur and oxygen containing heterocyclic compoundsAkhaja, Tarunkumar. N.Raval, Jignesh. P.