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11-Feb-2015Studies on heterocyclic compounds having azo dye and spiro characteristicsModi, Visha PravinchandraPatel, H S
11-Feb-2015Studies on synthesis and antimicrobial efficiency of pyridine and pyrazole substituted fused coumarin derivativesBhila, Varun GopalbhaiBrahmbhatt, D I
11-Feb-2015Polymer supported sulphanilic acid a green heterogeneous catalyst for synthesis of some heterocycles benzimidazoles benzoxazoles quinoxalines and benzimidazolo quinazolinonesTarpada, Umesh PopatRaval, D K
11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization and thermal energy storage applications of some ionic liquidsGohil, Kuldipsinh NarendrasinhBhatt, V D
11-Feb-2015Surfactant like ionic liquids synthesis and studies on surface chemical and aggregation behaviour in aqueous mediaVaghela, Nileshkumar MangalbhaiSastry, N V
11-Feb-2015Studies of new ionic superabsorbent hydrogels for removal of dyes and heavy metals from aqueous solutionPatel, Yatinkumar NavinchandraPatel, Manish P
11-Feb-2015A study on modified polymer blends based on polyurethane and polyolefins, its characterisation and applicationsKamble, Atul DinkarThomas, Merlin
11-Feb-2015Studies in potential graft copolymers of an industrially important marine polysaccharide sodium salt of partially carboxymethylated sodium alginatePrajapati, Miteshkumar KTrivedi, Jignesh H
11-Feb-2015Synthesis, characterization and applications of polymeric precursors from cellulosic wasteParikh, Brijeshkumar KiritbhaiPatel, Jigar V
11-Feb-2015Studies on interpenetrating polymer networks from transesterified castor oil based polyurethane and acrylate monomerDave, Vivek JitendrabhaiPatel, H S