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11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial screening of some coumarin derivatives containing modified pyridine and pyrazoline moietiesLad, Hemali BhadreshBrahmbhatt, D I
11-Feb-2015Synthesis and antimicrobial activity study of some bipyridinyl pyrazolyl pyrazoline substituted and pyrazolo pyrrolo fused coumarinsPandya, Kinnar rajendraBrahmbhatt, D I
11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization biological activities and DNA interactions exerted by some drug based coordination compoundsPatel, Sanjaykumar HasmukhbhaiPatel, M N
11-Feb-2015Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new quinoline, quinolone and thioquinolone based heterocyclic compoundsShah, Pushpakbhai MahendrakumarPatel, M P
11-Feb-2015Development of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts for cross coupling, biofuels and industrially important reactionsKotadia, Deepali ASoni, Saurabh S
11-Feb-2015Studies on thermal stability and coating applications of epoxy resins from schiff basesPatel, Bhavinkumar VitthalbhaiRaval, D K
11-Feb-2015Synthesis and characterization of bis azo dye ligands based coordination polymersShukla, Hemangkumar MahendrakumarRaj, Dilipsinh Somsinh
11-Feb-2015Synthesis and characterization of novel arylazopyrazolesShah, Purveshkumar JitendrabhaiPatel, H S
11-Feb-2015synthesis characterization and biological activities of drug based square pyramidal copper ii complexes and square planar platinum ii complexesPatel, chintankumar RamanbhaiPatel, M N
11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization and evaluation of gold III and ciprofloxacin based copper II complexes as antibacterial, metallonucleases and cytotoxic agentsBhatt, Bhupesh ShantilalPatel, M N