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11-Feb-2015Synthesis of novel quinoline based heterocycles of biological interestShah, Nimeshkumar MukeshbhaiPatel, R G
11-Feb-2015Green protocols for heterocyclic synthesis using ionic liquids Dbu ac for imidazo 1 2 a quinolines and chromenes Peg dil for quinolonesPatel, Devjibhai ShamjibhaiRaval, D K
11-Feb-2015Novel poly acrylate s containing schiff base moiety: synthesis, characterization and potential as biocidesPatel, Ankitkumar kanaiyalalPatel, Kirit H and Patel, Rajni M
11-Feb-2015Studies on interacting blends of commercial unsaturated polyesters and epoxy residue containing unsaturated poly ester amide sPatel, Nirmit NatvarbhaiPatel, H S
11-Feb-2015Novel acrylic copolymers derived from vanillin moiety synthesis characterization and microbial screeningPatel, Zaranaben HashmukhbhaiPatel, Kirit H
11-Feb-2015Synthesis of some heterocycles of biological interest via azomethine ylide and oxabutadiene intermediatesPansuriya, Bhavesh RanchhodbhaiParmar, N J
11-Feb-2015Value added products from minor seed oils and by products of oil processingPatel, Darshan ShirishkumarPatel, J V
11-Feb-2015Studies on coordination polymers based on novel bis ligandsPatel, Khyatiben DineshbhaiPatel, H S
11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization in vitro antimicrobial and dna interaction studies of some novel coordination compounds of copper ii and palladium iiDosi, Promise AbhaykumarPatel, M N
11-Feb-2015Uv curable polyurethane coatings derived from renewable resources based modified polyolsPatel, Mehulkumar ManilalPatel, Bhupendra P