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9-Oct-2015Studies on mixed metal complexesRama, Ram. Samat.Bhatt, V.D.
27-Apr-2015Synthesis and biologic evaluation of novel aryloxy pyrazole and quinoline based heterocyclesSangani,Chetankumar BalubhaiPatel, R. G.
27-Apr-2015Derivatization of 5 pyridine 4 yl 1 3 4 oxadiazole 2 3h thione and complexation behaviour of some of its derivativesOza,Kaushal KamleshbhaiPatel, H. S.
27-Apr-2015Novel heterocyclic derivatization of 2 chloroquinoline compounds their synthesis characterization and biological evaluationMakawana, Jigarkumar AnilbhaiPatel, R. G.
27-Apr-2015Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity study of some heterocyclic substituted and heterocyclic fused coumarin derivativesPatel, Apoorva AmbalalBrahmbhatt, D. I.
11-Nov-2014Efficient synthesis and biological screening of some Benzodiazepinones and Pyranoandfused heterocyclesBarad, Hitesh AjabhaiParmar, N J
5-May-2017Studies in Photo Induced Potential Graft Copolymers of Sodium salt of Partially Carboxymethylated Sodium AlginateChourasia Arvindkumar vTrivedi jignesh H
8-May-2017Studies on synthesis characterization and antimicrobial screening of some pyrazolyl pyridine pyrazolyl bipyridine pyridyl pyrazoline substituted and pyrido benzo fused coumarin derivativesGohil Nehakumari NarendrasinhBrahmbhatt D I
5-May-2015Conventional and microwave assisted synthesis of quinazolinone sulfonamide linked hybrid molecules derived from amino acids and their biological studiesVanparia, Satishkumar FulabhaiDixit, B C
26-Sep-2017Synthesis and biological activity study of some styryl bipyridinyl pyrazolyl bipyridinyl pyrazolyl pyrazoline substituted and triazolo thiazino benzo fused coumarin derivativesPatel, Nileshkumar. J.Brahmbhatt, D. I.