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11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization biological studies of some drug based copper ii and polypyridyl ruthenium ii mixed ligand complexesGandhi, Deepenkumar SureshbhaiPatel, M N
11-Feb-2015Polyurethane surface coatings derived from rosin ester modified phenolic resin castor oil blends with diisocyanatesPatel, Bhaumikkumar ManubhaiPatel, H S
11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization biological activities and DNA interactions exerted by some drug based coordination compoundsPatel, Sanjaykumar HasmukhbhaiPatel, M N
11-Feb-2015Novel acrylic copolymers derived from vanillin moiety synthesis characterization and microbial screeningPatel, Zaranaben HashmukhbhaiPatel, Kirit H
11-Feb-2015Studies on thermal stability and coating applications of epoxy resins from schiff basesPatel, Bhavinkumar VitthalbhaiRaval, D K
18-Jun-2015Thermodynamic thermophysical spectroscopic and computational investigations on ionic liquids mixtures with polar and non polar components of technological interestRavalji,Indravijaysinh RamsinhSastry, N. V.
9-Oct-2015Design synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of nitrogen sulphur and oxygen containing heterocyclic compoundsAkhaja, Tarunkumar. N.Raval, Jignesh. P.
9-Oct-2015Synthesis characterization and applications of modified natural polysaccharidesPatel, Jaykumar. J.Patel, Nirmal. K.
9-Oct-2015Biochemical and histo architectural analysis of melons in relation to their development and ripeningSoumya, V.Ramana Rao, T. V.
9-Oct-2015Dendrimer synthesis characterization and applicationsPatel, Rinkeshkumar. M.Patel, Pravinkumar. M.