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31-Jan-2022Design synthesis and characterization of magnetic fe3o4 chitosan based polymer composite hydrogels as potential components for dye removal applicationPatel, Shitalben. R.Patel, Manish. P.
12-Aug-2021Small organic heterocyclic derivatives as sensitizer and hole transporting material for photovoltaic devicesPrasad, Jyoti.Soni, Suarabh. S.
23-Nov-2021Synthesis and characterization of metal based drug as biologically active agentPatel, Nikita. J.Patel, M. N.
2-Aug-2022Synthesis spectroscopic thermal and in vitro biological studies of some pyrazolone based transition metal heterochelatesSomaiya, Chintan. P.Patel, Dinesh. S.
5-May-2022Design synthesis characterization biological activities of some novel 1h pyrazole triazole based heterocyclic compoundsParekh, Tapan. H.Chhasatia, Mehulsinh. R.
19-Oct-2020Studies on some biologically active heterocyclic compounds and osmium IV complexesPursuwani, Bharat. H.Patel, M. N.
3-Jun-2021Development of novel nitrogen containing heterocyclic frameworks via multi component reactions and their biological screeningPatel, Divyangkumar. M.Patel, H. M.
1-Oct-2021Efficient domino synthesis and biological studies of new pyrazole heterocyclesBrahmbhatt, Guarangkumar. C.Parmar, N. J.
23-Dec-2022Synthesis and characterization of drug carrier from agriculture wasteYogeshkumar, M. Baj.Patel, Nirmal. K.
23-Dec-2022Synthesis and characterizationof drug carrier based on polysaccharidesPatel, Savankumar. K.Patel, Nirmal. K.