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19-Sep-2017Novel functional polymeric additives for high performing pigment concentrates and paints design tailoring and evaluationThakor, Rakeshkumar RamanbhaiSastry, N V
11-Feb-2015Organic conducting polymers synthesis characterization and molecular orbital studiesIqbal, Shammurti VasudevRay, Arabinda
11-Feb-2015Novel acrylic copolymers based on coumarin derivative synthesis characterization and potential as biocidesPatel, Miteshkumar GhanshyambhaiPatel, Kirit H
11-Feb-2015Studies on value added applications of non tradational oils and by products from oil processing industriesPatel, Kalpenkumar RameshbhaiToliwal, S D
27-Apr-2015Development of polyols from renewable resources and its applicationMishra, Deepak PSinha, Vijay Kumar
27-Apr-2015Synthesis characterization and biological studies of some new quinoline and tetrazoloquinoline derivativesLadani, Nirajkumar KantilalPatel, R G
27-Apr-2015Synthesis of some new medicinally active quinoline biquinoline quinazolinone and benzochromene derivatives their characterization and antimicrobial studyShah, Nirav KishorbhaiPatel, R G
11-Feb-2015Studies on derivatization of 4 amino 1 2 4 triazolePatel, Ketankumar BhogilalPatel, H S
11-Feb-2015DNA interaction and biological activities exerted by coordination compoundsChhasatia, Mehulsinh RanjitsinhPatel, M N
27-Apr-2015Synthesis and characterization of phenolic resins and their polychelates with 4f block elements thermal ion exchange catalytic and antimicrobial studyKapadia, Malav AshokbhaiJoshi, J D