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19-Sep-2019Chiron approach and glycosidase inhibitory studies of proline analogues_ amino_iminosugars and attempted synthesis of octosyl acid a using rhodium carbenoid chemistryKasture, Vijay MahalingDhavale, Dilip D
19-Sep-2019Development of inorganic arsenic speciation methods using memgrane based separation and nuclear analytical techniquesShinde, Rakesh NamdeoRajurkar, N S and Acharya, A
19-Sep-2019Electrically conductive nanocomposites of epoxy_polyester semi_ipnsPandit, Jyoti AAthawale, Anjali A
27-Aug-2019Structure and biological studies on new antitubercular drugs and their metal complexesDandawate, PrasadKhan, E M
27-Aug-2019Synthesis of calothrixin_B_murrayaquinone_A and murrayanine and studies of new methodologiesBhosale, Shrikar MurariKusurkar, Radhika S
27-Aug-2019Novel protocol for the synthesis of 4_5_disubstituted cyclohexenes and its application towards the synthesis of DPP4 inhibitor_6_2_chloro_phenyl_cyclohex_3_enylamine and aucanteneGaikwad, Dnyaneshwar DashrathKulkarni, M G
27-Aug-2019Development of supported noble metal catalysts for mitigation of hydrogenSanap, Kiran KhanduWaghmode, Suresh B and Varma, Salil
27-Aug-2019Chiral synthesis of all possible isomers of hexahydrofuro_2_3_b_furan_3_ol_ synthesis of isofagomine and study on allylic oxidation of homoallylic alcohols and related systemShaikh, Yunnus BudanKulkarni, Mukund G
27-Aug-2019Preparation and electrochemical characterization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and their compositesSamant, Kanchan ManoharHaram, Santosh K