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31-May-2017Spectrophotometric studies of ferric_phenol complexesDivekar, Krishnaji GopalJatkar Kulkarni, S K
24-Jan-2017A thesis in three parts on Part I Synthesis of 6_benzoyl_4 _methoxy_flavone and 5_benzoyl_4 _methoxy_benzylidene_coumaranone by Kostanecki and Fpuerstein reaction Part II Studies in the Rasoda reaction for the syntheses of flavonols Part III Synthesis of 2_anisoyl_ and 2_benzoyl_3_hydroxy_5_benzoyl_coumarone from the corresponding flavanone and flavoneChandorkar, Kashinath RamchandraLimaye, S D
24-Jan-2017Diffusion and evaporation of trace impurities from the matrix of a host latticeDasgupta, Ajit KumarFinch, G I
24-Jan-2017Physico_chemical studies on polymer solutionsBhatnagar, Harl LalFinch, G I
24-Jan-2017The vitamin requirements and identification of lactic acid bacteria from indian curds and the study on their uses for microbiological assaysBoman, T JJoshi, N V
24-Jan-2017Study of lipids in common use _Effect of culinary treatments_Bhansali, Jaysen SNarayana, N
31-May-2017Part I_Syntheses of karanjin analogues by the ranjorwa reaction_Part II_A study of mechanism of the Rasoda reaction with special reference to the properties of dihydroflavonols_Part III_Extension of the rasoda reaction to a polyhydroxy ketone and its derivativeMarathe, Keshav GangadharLimaye, D B
23-Aug-2017Ultrasonic velocity in gases and liquidsDeshpande, Dinkar DamodarKulkarni Jatkar, S K
9-Mar-2017Phosphate metabolism of mouldsBajaj, VioletKrishnan, P S
30-May-2017The structure and constitution of flavones and flavonalsMarathey, Madhav GajananKulkarni Jatkar, S K