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3-Mar-2021Photophysical Properties of Ruthenium Polypyridyl Complexes Electron Proton and Energy Transfer ReactionsKhade, Rahul VitthalraoKumbhar, Avinash S
15-Jan-2020Amphiphilic ruthenium complexes of 4 4 dialkyl 2 2 bipyridine and naphthoquinone ligands as a photosensitizer for dye sensitized solar cellsBhand, Sujit VilasSalunke, Sunita A
15-Jan-2020Click chemistry approach towards synthesis of triazole containing disaccharides glycopolymers and their applicationsDhumure, Archana BaburaoShinde, Vaishali S.
15-Jan-2020Study of solubility and density of anti bacterial azolic compounds in water various organic solvents and their mixtures at 20°C 22°C 25°C 27°C 30°C 32°C 35°C 37°C 40°CKale, Sachin ShivajiPawar, Ramesh R
1-Oct-2019Use or 2_3_4_trihydroxyacetophenone in inorganic analytical chemistryKamble, Baban GenujiMukhedkar, A J
19-Sep-2019Study on synthesis_ structure_ dolping and gas sensing properties of nanoscaled lanthanum perovskitesNikam, Shrikant KAthawale, Anjali A
19-Sep-2019Chiron approach and glycosidase inhibitory studies of proline analogues_ amino_iminosugars and attempted synthesis of octosyl acid a using rhodium carbenoid chemistryKasture, Vijay MahalingDhavale, Dilip D
19-Sep-2019Development of inorganic arsenic speciation methods using memgrane based separation and nuclear analytical techniquesShinde, Rakesh NamdeoRajurkar, N S and Acharya, A
19-Sep-2019Coordination chemistry of methyl_ chloro and anilino derivatives of 2_hydroxy_1_4_napthoquinone with Na_ K_ Cu and Zn ions _ synthesis_characterization and spectral studiesKathawate, Laxmi GaneshSalunke, Sunita A
19-Sep-2019Electrically conductive nanocomposites of epoxy_polyester semi_ipnsPandit, Jyoti AAthawale, Anjali A
19-Sep-2019TerpenoidsChandrasekharan Kartha, CBhattacharyya, S C
19-Sep-2019Studies in binary mixtures of liquidsRamasawmy, C.P.Kulkarni-Jatkar, S.K.
19-Sep-2019Dielectric constant and molecular structurePhansalkar, Vijay KeshavJatkar, Kulkarni S K
11-Sep-2019A thermostable alpha galactosidase from geobacillus NJ704808_ isolation_ purification and biochemical characterizationChavan, Sanjay TukaramSabharwal, Sushma G
11-Sep-2019Synthesis and properties of gamma ferric oxide and doped gamma ferric oxideNikumbh, Arvind KaluMukhedkar, A J
11-Sep-2019Studies on the alpha amylase inhibitors from the seeds of macrotyloma uniflorum and vigna unguiculata_ biochemical characterization_antidiabetic and insecticidal effectsGupta, Laxmi HarinathSabharwal, Sushma G
11-Sep-2019Synthesis and biological screening of some chromones and azolesTakate, Sushama JaywantKarale, B K
11-Sep-2019Phytochemical evaluation and biological studies of medicinal plants of clinical significanceFunde, Sharad GangadharDikshit, Madhurima
11-Sep-2019Molecular studies on rare genetic disorders with special reference to cornelia de lange syndrome_CDLSBajaj, Shailesh JagdishRanade, S H
11-Sep-2019Synthesis and electrochemical investigations on cadmium chalcogenides and other semiconductor nanoparticlesInamdar, Shaukatali NHaram, Santosh K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1639