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8-May-2013A study of the information seeking bebavior of science and technology teachers and researchers of Cocbin University of Science and Technology and University of Kerala in the cbanged library environmentRay S, ShibuBaby M D
7-May-2013Design and synthesis of efficient MAC architectures for high speed decimal processorJames, Rekha KJacob, K Poulose
21-Dec-2012Design and development of a performance evaluation Prototype for IT Organizations in the context of outsourcingDavid Peter, SPoulose Jacob, K; Sreela, Sasi
19-Nov-2012An alternative approach to computer system security monitoring and enhancement through system call sequence analysisVarghese, Surekha MariamJacob, K Poulose
9-Apr-2013Design and development of data mining models for the prediction of manpower placement in the technical domainSudheep Elayidom MIdicula, Sumam Mary
10-Apr-2013An approach towards the development of an efficient symmetric key encryption schemePaul A JMythili P; Jacob, K Poulose
30-May-2013Journal Productivity in Fishery Science an informetric analysisGirijakumari SPillai, Rajan C V
9-Jan-2013Energy management in wireless sensor networks a crosslayer channel adaptive approach towards performance optimizationBinu G SJacob, K Poulose
9-Jan-2013An error localization validation and optimization tool for embedded code augmentation an architecture oriented approachChacko, MariammaJacob, K Poulose
27-Dec-2012Design and development of an adaptable Frame Based System for Dravidian Language ProcessingIdicula, Sumam MaryJacob, K Poulose