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Title: Investigation for the Reduction of Noise Level in Thermal Power Plant Using Software
Researcher: Sandeep Kumar Yadav
Guide(s): G S Sharma
University: Oriental University
Completed Date: 2019
Abstract: Introduction: Noise is unwanted sound, which creates side effect on the humane health, to be avoided. Excessive noise can be both objectionable and hazardous; hence there is a need to reduce the noise coming out from any facility. In our case as the noise is coming out from the industrial facilities like thermal power plant, nuclear power plant, sections as coal emptying section, coal crusher section, compressor, boiler nourish pump, turbine, boiler control room, Forced Draft Fan (F.D. fan), Induced Draft Fan (I.D. fan) etc, hence silencers are used for the noise reduction. newlineMaterial and Methods: In our research we study different type of noise sources and Silencers used in Thermal power plants and also analyze the noise source of F.D. fan and I.D. Fan and reduce the noise in F.D. fans and I.D. fans by a modified noise barrier wall made of metals. Metal panels have a weight advantage which makes them particularly useful for vertical extensions of existing sound walls, which have limited residual strength, because of their light weight. newlineResults and Discussion: The geometry model of the duct silencer is created using MATLAB simulation software. There are two panels PANEL 1 or PANEL 2 in the noise reduction wall. Both the PANELS have two surfaces or layers, which can be of different materials. For each of these surfaces we can select the type of material used for wall from popup menu. Different parameters of the wall like Thickness, Density, Young s module, and absorption are entered in the boxes and the transmission loss is displayed in the graph. newlineA chamber with specified dimensions of galvanized metal and absorber of mineral wool material is designed to calculate sound absorption coefficients. Chambers are placed between the outlet of a fan and main air distribution ducts to smooth turbulent airflow. The chamber is typically lined with acoustically absorbent material to reduce fan and other mechanical noise. newline
Appears in Departments:Mechanical Engineering

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