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dc.coverage.spatialSynthesis of Jet-Fuels From Biomass Compounds and Bio-Diesel from Non-Edible Oils over Metal Loaded Mesoporous Catalysts
dc.description.abstractThe total energy consumption holds the first position among the most important top five problems of human race in the upcoming decades. The world energy demand is enhancing constantly and it is anticipated to twice in earlier 2050 due to population growth, economic enlargement and industrial development. Fossil fuels take the 3rd position among the whole world-wide energy resource. Climate change, global warming, environmental pollution and ozone layer depletion has direct link to usage of fossil fuels due to the enormous amount of CO2 gas emission especially in the transportation sector. Renewables are the great champions in the race to solve newlineenvironmental problem and meet energy consumption development up to 2050; according to the latest report from International Energy Agency (IEA). Renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar, wind, ocean and geothermal has been used for alternative energy resources of fossil fuels. The world has been focusing on synthesis of bio-fuels from bio-energy renewable resources such as vegetable oils and woody biomass and is familiar to be a great alternative to fossil fuels. Bio-energy is the major renewable energy resource with fourteen percentages out of eighteen percentages renewables in the energy blend and providing ten percentages of world-wide energy supply. In distinction to other renewable energy resources, biomass can be transformed into solid, liquid and gas type of fuels. Wood based lignocellulosic biomass contains three different polymers such as cellulose, newlinehemicellulose and lignin and its composition of 35-45 wt. %, 25-35 wt. % and newline20-30 wt. % respectively. newline newline
dc.format.extentxxxi, 192p.
dc.titleSynthesis of jet fuels from biomass compounds and bio diesel from non edible oils over metal loaded mesoporous catalysts
dc.creator.researcherVijayakumar G
dc.subject.keywordMetal Loaded Mesoporous Catalysts
dc.subject.keywordNon-Edible Oils
dc.subject.keywordPhysical Sciences,Chemistry,Chemistry Applied
dc.contributor.guidePandurangan A
dc.publisher.universityAnna University
dc.publisher.institutionFaculty of Science and Humanities
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