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18-Sep-2014Chemical Modifications of Lipids for Applications in Chemical IndustryDeshpande, Priya SureshMahulikar, P. P.
21-Feb-2017Viscosity density ultrasonic velocity studies of solutions containing aminoacids ethers at different temperatures concentrationsKachare, Avinash VasantPatil, D D
21-Feb-2017Adsorptive removal of carcinogenic textile dyes from aqueous solutions by conducting organic polymer magnetic nanocomposites and their potential application in medical and biosensingPatil, Manohar RajendraShrivastava, V S
21-Feb-2017Studies on transition metal complexes arylazolawsone derivativesSonawane, Mahendra GSawant, C P
19-Sep-2014Organophosphoranes in the Synthesis of Biologically Active Cinnamamide and Y ButyrolactonesDesale, Kamlesh RameshchandraPatil, S. L.
21-Feb-2017Synthesis of core shell polymer nanoparticles using microemulsion technique and its application in biodegradable polymer nanocompositesBorane, Mahesh DharmaShimpi, Navinchandra G
21-Feb-2017Synthesis characterization and biological screening of nitrogen and sulphur heterocyclesSawale, Archana AnjanPatil, P R
19-Sep-2014Synthesis and Evaluation of Biological Activities of Derivatives of CarvacrolPete, Umesh DevidasBendre, R. S.
12-Mar-2015Biodegradable polymer based nanoscale materials for bio medical applicationRana, Vijay KumarMishra, Satyendra, Ha, Chang Sik and Singh, Raj Pal
12-Mar-2015Preparation of renewable source based polyols and their utilization in synthesis and formulation of polyurethanes for industrial coatingsChaudhari, Ashok BGite, Vikas V and Kulkarni, R D