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30-Jun-2020Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization of N arylitaconimides with Methyl MethacrylateDeoghare Chetana AnandRASHMI CHAUHAN
30-Jun-2020C H Functionalization of Imidazo Heterocycles and Exploration of Imidazolium Supported Benzotriazole Reagent for Selective Organic TransformationsShakoor S M AbdulRAJEEV SAKHUJA
22-Jul-2020Development of Novel Biosensors for Detection and Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors 17and#946; Estradiol and Bisphenol A in WaterSingh Aruna ChandraSunil Bhand
17-Jul-2020Coordination Polymers of Ligands Based on Imine Functional Groups Analysis of their Structure and Property RelationshipBaig FayazMadhushree Sarkar
20-Jul-2020Quantum Reactive Scattering Dynamics of D H2 reaction From Ultracold to Thermal RegimeRanga SantoshSubhas Ghosal
20-Jul-2020Design Syntheses and Study of Photo Physical Properties of Aggregation Induced Emission active Compounds Applications in Bio imaging and MechanoluminescencePasha Sheik SaleemInamur Rahaman Laskar
20-Jul-2020Effective Interactions and Properties of Model Colloidal Suspensions Integral Equation Theory and Molecular Dynamics Simulation StudyPadidela Uday KumarRAGHU NATH BEHERA
24-Jul-2020Design and Synthesis of Quinoline and Quinazolinone Derivatives through Transition Metal Catalyzed Cascade ProtocolsDhiman ShivAnil Kumar
17-Jul-2020Study of Solvation Dynamics in Micelles and Interactions of Gemini Surfactants with and#946; Cyclodextrin and Biomolecules in Aqueous MediaKumari SunitaSubit Kumar Saha