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dc.description.abstractThe ever growing demand for portable applications like mobile phones and laptops under explosive proportions has made the designers to strive for smaller silicon area, high speed, longer battery life and more reliability. XOR/XNOR gates are the basic building blocks of various digital system applications like adders, multipliers, comparators, ALUs, MAC units, parity generators/checkers and error detection and correction coders etc. In this thesis, novel designs of different XOR/XNOR logic circuits for two input, three input, multi input, differential outputs, self checking operation, low voltage working and ternary logic are proposed. The proposed circuits used Pass transistor logic, Transmission gate logic, Static CMOS logic, Pseudo nMOS logic and DCVSL logic to design their structures. newlineAll the proposed two input, three input and multi input circuits are simple and symmetric which used the topology of pass transistor logic and transmission gate logic. All the proposed designs have good driving capability because of a full voltage rail swing at the outputs. Even though the voltage is low and frequency is high, the proposed designs produce error free outputs with the lesser transistor count. The proposed structure for multi input has less delay because of absence of cascading stage delay.The proposed circuits are area and power efficient because minimum size transistors are sufficient to build these designs that output strong levels. Also, they have less delay for the reason that their critical path consists of only a few transistors of minimum size each. The basic advantage of these circuits is their plainness in their logic and symmetry in the structure. newlineThe proposed self checking design has code disjoint, fault secure and self-testing features and display less delay and power consumption. This design has a full voltage swing at the outputs hence it has the good driving capability due to static complementary logic.
dc.titleDesign Of New High Performance_Low Power Full Swing Xor_Xnor Logic Gates Using Mosfet_Finfet_Cntfet Transistors
dc.creator.researcherSARADA MUSALA
dc.subject.keywordEngineering and Technology,Engineering,Engineering Electrical and Electronic
dc.subject.keywordXOR, XNOR, PTL, TGL, Static CMOS, Pseudo logic, DCVSL, FinFET, CNTFET, Power consumption, Propagation delay, PDP, Noise analysis.
dc.contributor.guideAVIRENI SRINIVASULU
dc.publisher.universityVignans Foundation for Science Technology and Research
dc.publisher.institutionDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Appears in Departments:Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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