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26-Mar-2019Digital Strategy in the Globalization of Medium Sized Indian Pharma Companies_An Empirical StudyJAYAPALA REDDY A VB. Madhusudan Rao
26-Mar-2019Charecterization Of Ocularity In ElectroencephalogramJOHN WILLIAM CAREY MEDITHEUsha Rani Nelakuditi
19-Mar-2019Characterization And Emulsifying Activities Of A Quorum Sensing Biosurfactant Produced By A Marine BacteriumK. Abraham PeeleVidya Prabhakar Kodali, Bharath Kumar Ravuru
19-Mar-2019In vivo Studies On Drug _Drug Interactions Of Antagonistic Valsartan On Gliclazide And Metformin In Normal And Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic RatsRASMITA PATRAVIJAYA RAMU DIRISALA
19-Mar-2019Investigations On Performance Improvement Of Solar Photovoltaic System Fed Asynchronous Motor DrivePAKKIRAIAH BG. DURGA SUKUMAR
19-Mar-2019Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Heterocyclic Systems and Synthesis of Dasatinib Through A New Convenient and Efficient Commercial RouteGarbapu SureshR. Venkata Nadh , N. Srinivasu
19-Mar-2019Studies On Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships Among A Few Gastropods From East Coast Of India And Global Protein Expression Of Foot Muscle Proteins Between Two Genera Of ArchitaenioglossaChittaranjan JenaS. Krupanidhi
19-Mar-2019Novel Synthetic and Biological Studies on Benzothiazoles_ Benzimidazoles Oxazolidinones and PyrazolopyrimidineBHARATH YARLAGADDAMandava Venkata Basaveswara Rao, D.Nagaraju
19-Mar-2019Consumer Perception about the E_Satisfsaction Development Process with Reference to Online Retail Service QualityDVR.Subrahmanya Sastry.TB. Madhusudhana Rao
19-Mar-2019Study of Pathogenic Factors of Staphylococcus Aureus from Clinical Cases of Livestock and PoultryGanugula Mohana SheelaS. Krupanidhi