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16-Jul-2019Influence of E_Banking on Banks Performance an Empirical Analysis on Bankers and Customers PerceptionR SambaiahM Sivakoti Reddy
16-Jan-2020Automated Malaria Detection Using Machine Learning TechniquesCHAYA D. JAGTAPUSHA RANI NELAKUDITI
2-Aug-2019An Empirical Analysis of Time Series Data for Stock Prediction and Validation with Reference To S andP BSE SensexCh. Madhavi LathaK. Siva Nageswara Rao
2-Aug-2019Isolation_ Purification and Characterization of Bacteriocin Producing Bacteria from Fermented MilkM. IndiraKrupanidhi Srirama, Vidya Prabhakar Kodali
2-Aug-2019Studies on Leaf Extract of Selected Mangrove Species and In Vitro Evaluation of Their Bioactive PropertiesT. C . Venkateswarulu , R. Bharath KumarGaddam Eswaraiah
2-Aug-2019Mediating role of OCTAPACE culture in determining the Employee Satisfaction_ An empirical analysis among the selected hotel employees in the state of Andhra PradeshNAGABHASKAR MUPPURIP.SRINIVASA REDDY
2-Aug-2019In vitro studies in Wrightia tinctoria _Roxb_ a medicinally important woody plantYadala Keerthi PriyaS. Asha
19-Mar-2019Characterization And Emulsifying Activities Of A Quorum Sensing Biosurfactant Produced By A Marine BacteriumK. Abraham PeeleVidya Prabhakar Kodali, Bharath Kumar Ravuru
19-Mar-2019Aerodynamic Performance And Stability Analysis Of Bio_Inspired Corrugated Wings For Micro Air VehiclesYagya Dutta DwivediP.M.V Rao, Donepudi Jagadish
19-Mar-2019Studies on Nanocomposites of Polypropylene and Polylactic Acid Blends Reinforced with Halloysite NanotubesKrishna Prasad RajanMurthy Chavali