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22-Feb-2019Design Of New High Performance_Low Power Full Swing Xor_Xnor Logic Gates Using Mosfet_Finfet_Cntfet TransistorsSARADA MUSALAAVIRENI SRINIVASULU
18-Sep-2019Synthesis of Some new Hybrid Heterocyclic Molecules and Evaluation of their In Vitro Cytotoxic ActivitiesArunkumar ThiriveedhiR. Venkata Nadh , N. Srinivasu
19-Mar-2019Enantioselective Total Synthesis of 5_O_Feruloyl_2_Deoxy_D_ Ribono_and#915;_Lactone Key Intermediate Of _ _Verrucosapyrone A Lurasidone Hydrochloride Intermediate And Microwave Assisted One_Pot Synthesis of N_Acetyl BisindolesK RAVI GANESHM V Basaveswara Rao, Murthy Chavali
19-Mar-2019Aerodynamic Performance And Stability Analysis Of Bio_Inspired Corrugated Wings For Micro Air VehiclesYagya Dutta DwivediP.M.V Rao, Donepudi Jagadish
19-Mar-2019Investigations On Tungsten Trioxide Thin Films For Electrochromic DevicesInvestigations On Tungsten Trioxide Thin Films For Electrochromic DevicesK.V. Madhuri
19-Mar-2019Screening Isolation Characterization And Production Of Polyhydroxybutyrate _Phb_ By A Bacterium Isolated From Sewage WasteA.RANGANADHA REDDYT.C.Venkateswarulu,K.Vidyaprabhakar
19-Mar-2019Expression Purification And Characterization Of Therapeutic Anti_Cd20 AntibodyBalareddy BheemareddyVijaya Ramu Dirisala
19-Mar-2019Parametric Study of Different Classes of Fuzzy Graphs_ Isomorphisms Complements and RegularityRAMPRASAD CHEGUP. L. N. Varma
19-Mar-2019A Spectral Relaxation Approach for Magneto Hydrodynamic Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer AnalysisVENKATA SUBBA RAO MUNAGALAK. Gangadhar ,P.L.N. Varma
19-Mar-2019Synthesis of Benzothiazepine Thiazole And Pyrido Pyrazine Derivatives_ Studies Towards Anticancer ActivityMURAREDDY GUDISELAN. SRINIVASU, M. NAVEEN