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dc.description.abstractImmunity a primeval feature of living organism is essential for survival and maintenance of the health. Regulation of immune status in living organisms evolved a balancing act that allow the organism to recognize the different environmental stressors such as reduced food availability, low temperature during winter, overcrowding during reproductive phase and lack of shelter during monsoon along with increased predator pressure etc. These stressors might be implicated for seasonal fluctuation in general immune status of the animals thereby compromising their health and survival. Reiter et al. (1992) proposed a hypothesis suggesting that photoperiodically driven synthesis of melatonin act as a clock of the day and calendar of the year for the control of reproduction and breeding, but does it influence the regulation of immune system in a similar manner is questionable. Although, previous reports from our laboratory have established that melatonin is a potent immunostimulator however, a detailed insights of molecular mechanism underlying its role in immunomodulation still needs to be explored. Squirrels are an excellent animal model because they are seasonal breeders and hence photoperiodically responsive speceies and also they encounter variety of stressors as they live in suburban/urban areas. With this basic information I have divided my study into following 5 chapter where I will decipher and delineate the modulatory action of melatonin on immunocompetent cell functioning. newline
dc.titleMelatonin in modulation of immunocompetent cells function in Indian Palm Squirrel Funambulus pennanti
dc.creator.researcherRastogi Shraddha
dc.subject.keywordLife Sciences,Biology and Biochemistry,Endocrinology and Metabolism tissue
dc.contributor.guideHaldar Chandana
dc.publisher.universityBanaras Hindu University
dc.publisher.institutionDepartment of Biochemistry
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