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14-Feb-2019Immunological Studies in Pregnency Associated Hepatites Virus InfectionsBhatt Rekha SNaik Sita
8-Jul-2019Mode of Action of Carpropamid and Benzothiadiazole Agaainst Blast and Sheath Blight of Rice Caused by Magnaporthe Grisea and Rhizoctonia Solani RespectivelyRohilla RashmiSingh R L
12-Jun-2019Studies on the Phototoxic and Photohemolytic Potential of Commonaly Used AntibioticsPandey RajeevMehrotra Sudhir
12-Jun-2019Hepatotoxic Effects of Co Exposure of Rotenone and Ethanol Under In Vitro and in Vivo Conditions and Protective Role of Potential AntioxidantsGupta AnkushMehrotra Sudhir
29-Jan-2019Studies on the Characterization and Significance of 33kDa Luminal Fluid Glycoprotein of Mammalian Epididymis in Sperm Functions and FertilityChandra AbhishekSingh R L
12-Feb-2019Biochemical Studies On Some Edible Oils Under Different Storage ConditionsTIWARI HIRDAY NARAYANSINGH R L
3-Apr-2019Antioxidant Activity of Some Medicinal Plants and Their Role In The Protection of Dna Damage Caused By Free RadicalsSingh Brahma NandSingh R L
3-Apr-2019Evaluation Of Antiresorptive Activity of Certain Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators And Their Bone Turnover In Ostopenic RatsSengupta SurojeetMehrotra Sudhir
30-Jan-2019Ethnobotanical Investigation Of Indigenous Phytotherapetic Flora Used By Tribes Of Lakhuimpur Kheri District U PSINGH CHANDRA BHANSINGH S V
12-Feb-2019Effect Of Lipid Peroxidation Derved Aldehydes On Neuronal Membrane Functions And Neurotransmitter ReceptorsSIDDQUI MAQSOOD AHMADCHANDRA DEEPAK