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6-Feb-2020Study of thermophysical and mechanical properties of fiber reinforced composites of capparis decidua _Ker_ of Western RajasthanSingh, Gireesh PalMangal, Ravindra
6-Feb-2020Ab_initio study of strontium oxide perovskitesDaga, AvinashSharma, Smita
19-Mar-2020Study of thermophysical properties of phenol formaldehyde reinforced with fibers of caloteropis gigantea _Safad aak_Dey, NavneetaMangal, Ravindra
19-Mar-2020Study of propagation of stationary optical pulses in dispersive dielectric fibers and their applications to nanoscale devicesNaruka, PreetiNagar, Ajay Kumar
19-Mar-2020An investigation of the electronic band structure of amorphous and nanostructured semiconductorsKhatri, RajeshBhargava, Anami
19-Mar-2020Investigation of optoelectronic properties of nanostructured chalcogenide films prepared using chemical bath depositionAgrawal, ParasBhargava, Anami
19-Mar-2020Optimization of thermophysical and mechanical properties by blending of ceramic raw materials in Bikaner for electrical porcelainTak, Shiv KumarMangal, Ravindra
19-Mar-2020A theoretical and computational study of nonlinear waves and solitons with applications to nanoscale devicesUpadhyay, Praveen KumarNagar, Ajay Kumar
20-Mar-2020Investigation of electrical conduction_ crystallization and relaxation processes in some amorphous ternary chalcogenide semiconductorsKalla, JayaBhargava, Anami
20-Mar-2020Effect of natural phenomenon like SAND_DUST storm rain and desert foliage on propagation of millimeter waves in the Thar desert in West RajasthanPurohit, Jai ShankarMangal, Ravindra