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26-Mar-2019Biological control and molecular characterization of spiralling whitefly aleurodicus dispersus russell on cassava and brinjalBoopathi T.P. KARUPPUCHAMY
26-Mar-2019Impact assessment of fipronil 4 acetamiprid 4 sc on the management of sucking pests in cottonKavitha J.S. CHANDRASEKARAN
26-Mar-2019Management of papaya mealybug paracoccus marginatus williams and granara de willink using beauveria bassiana balsam crivelli vuilleminIndira Kumar K.J. S. KENNEDY
26-Mar-2019Studies on grapevine mites and their management using an acaricide, hexythiazox 5.45 ECSheela VenugopalP. SIVASUBRAMANIAN
26-Mar-2019Behaviour and role of bee pollinators in sunflower helianthus annuus lRamya M.M. MUTHURAMAN
26-Mar-2019Studies on bio ecology and host plant interaction of legume pod borer maruca vitrata geyer lepidoptera crambidaeSambath Kumar S.C.DURAIRAJ
26-Mar-2019Sustainable pest management strategies in bt cottonDatchina Murthy K.T. MANOHARAN
12-Feb-2020Diversity of phytophagous and predatory mite fauna acari host plant resistance and management of major rice and tapioca mites in tamil naduVinoth Kumar S.K. RAMARAJU
20-Mar-2020Screening and exploitation of plant products for the management of red spider mite tetranychus urticae koch on okraPremalatha K.S. JEYARAJAN NELSON
20-Mar-2020Phenotyping of bruchid resistance and mapping in inter specific populations of vigna radiata l wilczek and vigna umbellata thunb ohwi and ohashiDevina SeramJ.S. KENNEDY