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7-Jun-2019Evaluation of acetamiprid 20 sp against sucking pest complex in cottonSuganya kanna S.P. KARUPPUCHAMY
15-Feb-2019Evaluation of Bt transgenic cotton Bollgard and Bollgard II against Pink Bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders Gelechiidae LepidopteraNandini S.S.MOHAN
15-Feb-2019Studies on the predator mallada boninensis okamoto neuroptera chrysopidaeSravanthi GuntupalliM. KALYANASUNDARAM
15-Feb-2019Studies on bio efficacy phytotoxicity safety and residues of flubendiamide 20 wg and carbosulfan 6 g ns on sugarcane borer pestsMadhu sudhanan E.S. V. KRISHNAMOORTHY
15-Feb-2019A newer formulation of diafenthiuron 50wp ns for the control of major pests in cardamomAravind J.K. SAMIAYYAN
15-Feb-2019Studies on interactions between rice and brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens stalSable Anita VitthalS.SURESH
15-Feb-2019Studies on in vivo and in vitro bio assay safety to natural enemies bio efficacy phytotoxicity and compatability of spinetoram 12 sc wv 11 7 ww on pigeonpea onion and grapesSanjeevi kumar A.N.MUTHUKRISHNAN
15-Feb-2019Studies on bioefficacy phytotoxicity and residues of thiamethoxam 25 wg on tomato and mangoThiruveni T.M.GANESH KUMAR
7-Jun-2019Studies on the bioefficacy of lambda cyhalothrin and profenofos against jasmine pests and determination of residuesSuganthi A.S. CHANDRASEKARAN
22-Nov-2019Studies on management of papaya mealybug paracoccus marginatus williams and granara de willink pseudococcidae hemipteraDivya S.M. KALYANASUNDARAM