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24-Jun-2019Identification of quantitative trait loci associated with yellow stemborer scirpophaga incertulas walker resistance in rice oryza sativa lHemalatha P.P. SHANMUGASUNDARAM
24-Jun-2019Quantitative trait loci mapping of drought resistance traits in rice oryza sativa l Line adapted to target population of environmentManikanda Boopathi N.P. SHANMUGASUNDARAM
24-Jun-2019Identifying genes expressed during water stress in rice cv Nootripathu rootsRaveendran M.S.SADASIVAM
24-Jun-2019Identification of genetic locus associated with resistance to brown planthopperSuseela Gomathi K.S.SADASIVAM
20-Jun-2019Purification and characterization of cysteine proteinase inhibitor from jackfruit seeds artocarpus heterophyllus lamPournami R. PanickerB. THAYUMANAVAN
20-Jun-2019Analysis of genetic diversity and population genetic structure in coconut cocos nucifera l Using rapd issr and ssr markersManimekalai R.P. NAGARAJAN
20-Jun-2019Cloning of an and#945; amylase inhibitor gene from panicum sumatrense roth and of a bifunctional ragi amylase trypsin inhibitor gene from eleusine coracana gaertneriSivakumar S.B. THAYUMANAVAN
20-Jun-2019Plant regeneration and developmental pattern formation in embryogenic cultures of cowpea vigna unguiculata walp And morphogenic cultures of pigeonpea cajanus cajan lRamakrishnan K.A. MANICKAM
18-Jun-2019Development of cry2ac transformants of tobacco and their analysis for transgene expression and larvicidal activitySona S.DevV. UDAYASURIYAN
18-Jun-2019Molecular characterization of indian coconut cocos nucifera l Accessions using microsatellites and identification of stress responsive rgas and wrky genesRajesh M. K.P. NAGARAJAN