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1-Feb-2021Oxidation of Organic Compounds with Active Manganese DioxideAgarwal, PoonamPal, R S
1-Feb-2021Physio Chemical and Antimicrobial Studies of Schiff Base Complexes Derived from 8 Amino 7 Hydroxy 4 Methyl Coumarin and Aromatic AldehydesAgarwal, SeemaSingh, Mukhtar
1-Nov-2021Studies on the Solvation of Alkali Metals Salts in Organic SolventsYadav, Abanish KumarSharma, M. K.
2-Feb-2022Effect of Residual Sodium Carbonate RSC And Pyrite on Growth Herb Yield Oil Content and Chemical Constituents of Cymbopogon Flexuosus LemongrassBhadauria, Vikash Pratap SinghF. M. Prasad
2-Nov-2021Studies on Stability of Organic Pesticide Formulations with Respect to Alkalinity Temperature and Moisture EffectSingh, Rajendra PalBansal, O P
1-Nov-2021Studies On Some Inorganic Anion Sensitive Indicator Electrodes And Their Analytical ApplicationsSingh, DevendraAshok Kumar
9-Jun-2021Studies on Indoor Outdoor Relationship of Air Quality in Domestic Homes With Roadsides Urban and Rural Locations of AgraLawrence, Alfred JosephTaneja, Ajay
11-Jun-2021Study of Pullutional Parameters and Treatment of Sewage Drains Entering the River Gomti At LucknowRaizada, ShashiPathak, Prabhat
6-Oct-2021Synthetic Studies of some Mixed Donor Macrocycles of Bioinorganic ImportanceVats, RitikaSharma, R C
25-Feb-2022Spectral and Biocidal Studies of Newly Synthesized Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff Bases Derived From P Methoxy Phenyl Glyoxal and Various AminesRathour, Deep KumarKushwaha, B S