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30-Apr-2019Developing a consortium of microbial inoculants for rice based cropping systemRaja P.K. GOVINDARAJAN
30-Apr-2019An investigation on solubilization of zinc and certain other insoluble compounds by gluconacetobacter diazotrophicusSaravanan V.S.M. THANGARAJU
30-Apr-2019Utilization of vermiculite as a carrier for microbial inoculantsSubhashini R.M. THANGARAJU
30-Apr-2019Development standardization and evaluation of liquid formulation of azospirillumThamizh Vendan R.M. THANGARAJU
30-Apr-2019Studies on the influence of various chemicals on continuous ammonia excretion by immobilized cyanobacteria and its biofertilizer value for riceBalachandar D.S. KANNAIYAN
30-Apr-2019Studies on the nitrogen contribution by stress tolerant cyanobacteria in different soils using 15n techniqueSelvakumar G.G. GOPALASWAMY
30-Apr-2019Studies on the process optimization and development of biocoil photobioreactor for textile and dyeing industry effluent treatment and photoproduction of hydrogen by cyanobacterial and algal systemsJeberlin Prabina B.K. KUMAR
30-Apr-2019Cloning and expression of cry2aa and cry2ab genes from new isolates of bacillus thuringiensis and insecticidal analysis of their proteinsShantanu KumarV. UDAYASURIYAN
30-Apr-2019Evaluating diazotrophic diversity and endophytic colonization ability of azorhizobium caulinodans and methylobacterium sp in bacterised and biotized rice oryza sativa lSenthilkumar M.SP. SUNDARAM
30-Apr-2019Molecular aspects diversity and plant interaction of facultative methylotrophs occurring in tropical plantsMadhaiyan M.SP. SUNDARAM