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18-Apr-2019Biotechnology based approaches for the early detection and management of postharvest anthracnose in bananaSible George VargheseR.SAMIYAPPAN
18-Apr-2019Development of management strategies for the control of coleus coleus forskohlii briq Root rot caused by macrophomina phaseolina tassi Goid And rhizoctonia solani kuhnKamalakannan A.L. MOHAN
18-Apr-2019Development of biomanure for the management of turmeric curcuma longa linn Rhizome rotUshamalini C.T. MARIMUTHU
18-Apr-2019Molecular and biochemical approaches for the selection of biocontrol agents for the management of turmeric rhizome rotKavitha K.G. CHANDRASEKAR
18-Apr-2019Developing botanical formulations for the management of major fungal diseases of tomato and onionBharathi S.T. MARIMUTHU
18-Apr-2019Bioefficacy and persistence of hexaconazole 5 sc against okra powdery mildew erysiphe cichoracearum dc and chilli powdery mildew leveillula taurica lev arnMareeswari P.R. SAMIYAPPAN
18-Apr-2019Biotechnology based approaches for early detection and management of anthracnose disease of mangoVivekananthan R.R. SAMIYAPPAN
18-Apr-2019Molecular biology and diagnosis of banana bunchy top virus and its management through induced systemic resistanceHarish S.R. SAMIYAPPAN
18-Apr-2019Eco friendly approaches for the management of groundnut leaf blight caused by alternaria alternata fr keisslerChitra K.N. RAGUPATHI
18-Apr-2019Management of tropical sugarbeet root rot sclerotium rolfsii sacc Through eco friendly methodsParamasivan M.S.MOHAN