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12-Feb-2020Development of microbial consortia for the management of root rot disease in sugarbeet caused by sclerotium rolfsii saccThilagavathi R.R. SAMIYAPPAN
6-Apr-2019Investigations on seed management production processing and storage of clusterbean cyamopsis tetragonoloba l TaubRenugadevi J.N. NATARAJAN
17-Jun-2019Hybrid seed yield maximisation through supplemental nutrition hybrid vigour assessment and seed quality enhancement by polykote coating in adtrh 1 and corh 2 rice hybrids and their parentsSabir Ahamed A.K. VANANGAMUDI
6-Apr-2019Identification of microsatellite markers for distinguishing elite fine grain rice varieties and hybrids and their utilization in seed purity assessmentsKeshavulu K.V. KRISHNASAMY
23-May-2019Development of agrotechnologies for withania spp Under agroforestry ecosystemsPanneer Selvam K.M. JAYAPRAGASAM
18-Apr-2019Vesting post harvest handling and conditioning of fruit and seed in ash gourd benincasa hispida thunb CognMurugesan P.K. VANANGAMUDI
18-Apr-2019Seed production processing testing and storage techniques in jatropha jatropha curcas linnKathiravan M.A.S. PONNUSWAMY
18-Apr-2019Morphological biochemical and molecular characterisation of rice varieties and hybridsEevera T.K. VANANGAMUDI
18-Apr-2019Investigations on nursery and main field management techniques for quality seed production of rice hybrid corh 2Raja K.A.S. PONNUSWAMY
18-Apr-2019Studies on ecological influence and post harvest seed management techniques on seed quality in hybrid rice oryza sativa lRamanadane T.A. S. PONNUSWAMY