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7-Jun-2019Evaluation of acetamiprid 20 sp against sucking pest complex in cottonSuganya kanna S.P. KARUPPUCHAMY
4-Jun-2019Phytoremediation efficiency of silvipasture system in paperboard mill effluent polluted habitat and the possible nano mechanismVijayakumar P.S.C. UDAYASOORIAN
4-Jun-2019Evolving an eco friendly microbial system for decolorization and bioreduction of heavy metals in industrial effluentIndra K.P.SINGARAM
30-Apr-2019Studies on genetics of yield and yield components in bitter gourd momordica charantia l under salinitySundaram V.E. VADIVEL
25-Jun-2019Evaluation of planting pattern and organics on coleus forskohlii phyllanthus amarus intercropping systemVennila. CN. ARUNACHALAM
27-May-2019Empowerment of rural women through self help groups an empirical analysisAsokhan M.G. RANGANATHAN
13-Jun-2019Trade liberalization and its consequences on the edible oil economy of india with special reference to groundnut sectorShivakumar K.M.S. KOMBAIRAJU
18-Jun-2019Molecular characterization of indian coconut cocos nucifera l Accessions using microsatellites and identification of stress responsive rgas and wrky genesRajesh M. K.P. NAGARAJAN
17-Jun-2019Determinants and contribution of non farm Income diversification in the rural area of the red river delta region VietnamNguyen anh phongK. PALANISAMI
6-Apr-2019Identification of microsatellite markers for distinguishing elite fine grain rice varieties and hybrids and their utilization in seed purity assessmentsKeshavulu K.V. KRISHNASAMY