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26-Jun-2019Evaluating production potential of polyethylene filmmulches for irrigated groundnut under differentagro techniquesSubrahmaniyan K.T.N. BALASUBRAMANIAN
26-Jun-2019Studies on the performance of rice under non conventional systems of cultivation with different levels of nitrogenSenthil Kumar G.K.K. CHANDARAGIRI
30-Apr-2019Cloning and expression of cry2aa and cry2ab genes from new isolates of bacillus thuringiensis and insecticidal analysis of their proteinsShantanu KumarV. UDAYASURIYAN
4-Jun-2019Awareness about environmental issues and management of natural resources by farmers for sustainable agricultureArunachalam R.R.NETAJI SEETHARAMAN
4-Jun-2019Bioremediation of paper mill effluent polluted habitatPrabu P.C.C. UDAYASOORIAN
4-Jun-2019Developing strategies for sustainable dry farmingRamasubramanian M.R.NETAJI SEETHARAMAN
30-Apr-2019Evaluating diazotrophic diversity and endophytic colonization ability of azorhizobium caulinodans and methylobacterium sp in bacterised and biotized rice oryza sativa lSenthilkumar M.SP. SUNDARAM
30-Apr-2019Management of lesion nematodes radopholus similis cobb 1893 thorne 1949 pratylenchus coffeae zimmerman 1898 filipjev and schuurmans stekhoven 1941 and helicotylenchus multicinctus cobb 1893 golden 1956 in banana musa sppShanthi A.G.RAJENDRAN
30-Apr-2019Studies on the management of root knot nematode meloidogyne arenaria neal 1989 in groundnut arachis hypogaea lRamakrishnan S.G.RAJENDRAN
30-Apr-2019Development of comprehensive biomarkers for rapid identification and purity checking of strains in the cyanobacterial inoculantLakshmanan A.K. KUMAR