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23-May-2019Evaluation of ecotypes gymnemic acid in plant parts and production of secondary metabolites through cell suspension culture in gymnema sylvestre r brAneesa Rani M.S.M. VIJAYAKUMAR
23-May-2019Growth and productivity of hybrid bitter gourd momordica charantia l Cobgoh 1 under different macro and micronutrient fertigation levelsMeenakshi N.E. VADIVEL
18-Apr-2019Evaluation of tomato hybrids and parents for stability of resistance to tomato leaf curl virus and development of mapping population for tagging resistant genesThangam M.D. VEERARAGAVATHATHAM
22-May-2019Studies on evaluation of f1 hybrids and exploring the possibilities of utilizing induced male sterility and natural self incompatibility system in chilli capsicum annuum lMuthuvel I.E. VADIVEL
22-May-2019Studies on the effect of pinching spacing and growth regulators on growth yield and alkaloid content of ashwagandha withania somnifera dunalSaraswathy S.R.S.AZHAKIA MANAVALAN
22-May-2019Studies on standardisation of package of practices for cut chrysanthemum dendranthema grandiflora tzelev Cv Yellow regan under protected cultivationSubesh Ranjith Kumar C.M. VIJAYAKUMAR
22-May-2019Breeding for resistance to fusariumwilt and nematodes in banana musa sppDamodaran T.N. KUMAR
12-Feb-2020Standardization of spacing and fertigation on growth yield and quality of banana cv Quintal nendran musa spp AabSindhupriya.VJ. AUXCILIA
12-Feb-2020Studies on standardization of nutrients through drip fertigation for chilli capsicum annuum l TNAU chilli Hybrid CO 1Prabu M.S. NATARAJAN
12-Feb-2020Studies on development of f1 hybrid in cherry tomato solanum lycopersicum l Var Cerasiforme mill for yield and qualityVenkadeswaran E.P. IRENE VETHAMONI