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16-May-2019Breeding for high yield with shoot and fruit borer leucinodes orbonalis guen resistance in brinjal solanum melongena lPrabhu M.S. NATARAJAN
23-May-2019Studies on the effect of integrated nutrient management on soil health growth and productivity of tea camellia spEaswaran S.N. KUMAR
23-May-2019Standardisation of fertilizer requirement for tissue cultured banana cv Robusta aaaNalina L.N. KUMAR
23-May-2019Studies on genetic variability and standardisation of horticultural techniques for tuduvalai solanum trilobatum lBarathkumar T.R.M. VIJAYAKUMAR
16-May-2019Studies on organic farming practices and post harvest technology in onion allium cepa var Cepa l For the production of export quality bulbsSankar V.D. VEERARAGAVATHATHAM
16-May-2019Studies on effect of shade inorganic organic and bio fertilizers on growth yield and quality of Turmeric curcuma longa l Genotype cl 147Padmapriya S.N.CHEZHIYAN
16-May-2019Standardisation of organic production package and induction of callus for secondary metabolites extraction in ashwagandha withania somnifera l dunalMohanalakshmi M.E. VADIVEL
16-May-2019Molecular approaches for the management of banana bunchy top virus through induced systemic resistance in bananaKavino M.N. KUMAR
16-May-2019Studies on palynological features propagation techniques and biochemical constituents in Hybanthus enneaspermus l f muellKumanan K.E.VADIVEL
23-May-2019Investgations on in vitro techniques for biosynthesis of secondary metabolites from high value medicinal plantsKeisar lourdusamy D.E. VADIVEL