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20-Mar-2020Genetic variation genotype environment interaction and molecular genetic diversity analysis for yield and curcuminoids in turmeric curcuma longa lAarthi S.J. SURESH
20-Mar-2020Studies on screening for resistance to papaya ring spot virus in papaya genotypes carica papaya l and vasconcellea speciesLinta VincentK. SOORIANATHASUNDARAM
20-Mar-2020Influence of bioinoculants applied through fertigation and conventional methods on growth yield quality and resistance attributes of banana cv ney poovan abVanilarasu K.J. SURESH
20-Mar-2020Evaluation of cocoa theobroma cacao l Clones half sibs and hybrids for yield and qualitySumitha S.S. BALAKRISHNAN
12-Feb-2019Effect of spacing bulb size and plant growth regulators on growth yield and quality of tuberose polianthes tuberosa l cv prajwalPalanisamy A.S.PARTHIBAN
20-Mar-2020Studies on floral characters and antioxidant potential of anthocyanin pigment in accessions of hibiscus rosasinensis and malvaviscus arboreus for assessing their commercial utilityJiji Allen J.M. KANNAN
20-Mar-2020Development of salinity tolerant f1 hybrids in chilli capsicum annuum lBalasankar D.S. PRANEETHA
20-Mar-2020Evaluation of f2 and f3 progenies of chilli capsicum annuum l for high yield and quality under semi dry conditionManikandan K.P.IRENE VETHAMONI
26-Mar-2019Assessment of morphological biochemical and molecular diversity in moringa moringa oleifera lam With special reference to its industrial applicationsSelvakumari P.V. PONNUSWAMI
26-Mar-2019Standardisation of improved scientific processing techniques of dry flowers for export and domestic marketsVisalakshi M.M. JAWAHARLAL