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26-Mar-2019Studies on the effect of drip fertigation levels on growth yield and quality of Aonla emblica officinalis l gaertn Cvna7Suresh P.M.S. KUMAR
26-Mar-2019Standardization of nutrient requirement through fertigation for watermelon citrullus lanatus thumb Hybrid kiranSajitha J.P.R.M. VIJAYA KUMAR
26-Mar-2019Evaluation of tuberose genotypes for development of f1 hybrids for quantitative qualitative characters and nematode resistanceRanchana P.M. KANNAN
26-Mar-2019Studies on persistence of paclobutrazol residues in Soil shoots and fruits of mango mangifera indica l Cv AlphonsoANUSUYA P.M.SELVARAJAN
26-Mar-2019Studies on crop regulation and fertigation in guava (psidium guajava L.) cv. sardar for growth, physiology, yield and qualityMahadevan A.S.KUMAR
26-Mar-2019Genetic improvement of snake gourd trichosanthes cucumerina l For yield and quality through hybridizationDeepa devi N.S. MARIAPPAN
26-Mar-2019Effect of pre and postharvest treatments on yield quality packaging dehydration and storage of bitter gourd momordica charantia lRajasekar M.V. SWAMINATHAN
26-Mar-2019Standardization of fertigation and plant growth substances for pomegranate punica granatum l cv mridula under ultra high density plantingShanmugasundaram T.G.BALAKRISHNAMURTHY
26-Mar-2019Standardization of fertigation schedule micronutrients application and fusarium wilt management in carnation dianthus caryophyllus lDhinesh D.M.JAWAHARLAL
26-Mar-2019Influence of hexanal formulation on physiological and biochemical quality attributes of mango fruits during ripening and storagePreethi SK.SOORIANATHASUNDARAM