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4-Jun-2019Impact of eco friendly agricultural practices among paddy farmersJanaki rani A.H.PHILIP
4-Jun-2019Development and evaluation of poultry waste bioconversion techniques for composting and its effect on soil and crop ecosystemPrasanthrajan M.P. DORAISAMY
4-Jun-2019Relative effectiveness of extension methods in imparting knowledge and skill to farm women an experimental studyPremavathi RR.NETAJI SEETHARAMAN
12-Feb-2020Development of microbial consortia for the management of root rot disease in sugarbeet caused by sclerotium rolfsii saccThilagavathi R.R. SAMIYAPPAN
7-Jun-2019Assessment of insecticide exposure in rice eco systemGanesan K.S. KUTTALAM
26-Mar-2019Investigation on soil crop interaction in subsoil mulching and development of a two row subsoil mulcherThiyagarajan R.K.KATHIRVEL
7-May-2019Studies on the evaluation of ipm modules against conogethes punctiferalis guenee and sciothrips cardamomi ramk on cardamomRajabaskar D.A. REGUPATHY
20-Jun-2019Analysis of genetic diversity and population genetic structure in coconut cocos nucifera l Using rapd issr and ssr markersManimekalai R.P. NAGARAJAN
18-Jun-2019Molecular characterization of indian coconut cocos nucifera l Accessions using microsatellites and identification of stress responsive rgas and wrky genesRajesh M. K.P. NAGARAJAN
17-Jun-2019Studies on mechanism of salt tolerance in sugarcane genotypes saccharum officinarum and influence of ga3 on induction of salt toleranceGomathi R.V. THANDAPANI