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12-Feb-2019Molecular tagging of genes qtls controlling micronutrient fezn accumulation in rice oryza sativa l through targeted association mappingVishnu Varthini N.S.ROBIN
15-Feb-2019Genetics of grain iron and zinc concentration in pearl millet Pennisetum glaucum l R BrGovindaraj M.P.SHANMUGASUNDARAM
24-Jun-2019Wide hybridization to develop new male sterile lines and restorers with floral traits in rice oryza sativa lJayamani P.M. RANGASAMY
11-Apr-2019Genetic analysis and association of molecular marker with fertility restoration in sunflower helianthus annuus lSerene Maragatham IsaacsV. MURALIDHARAN
11-Apr-2019Genome localisation of quantitative trait loci qtl associated with nitrogen uptake and use efficiency in rice oryza sativa lSenthilvel S.A.GOPALAN
12-Apr-2019Genetic analyses in inter subspecies crosses of cowpea vigna unguiculata ssp unguiculata and vigna unguiculata ssp SesquipedalisValarmathi G.C. SURENDRAN
12-Apr-2019Heterosis and combining ability for seed yield and its traits in pigeonpea cajanus cajan l Millsp Involving determinate and indeterminate types with special reference to spotted pod borer maruca testulalis vitrata and blister beetle mylabris spp ResistanceAnantharaju P.AR. MUTHIAH
12-Apr-2019Exploitation and characterization of thermosensitive genic male sterile tgms lines for heterosis breeding in rice oryza sativa lSundar S.M. SUBRAMANIAN
12-Apr-2019Utilization of wide compatibility gene for the development of indica japonica hybrids in rice oryza sativa lThangapandian R.K. THIYAGARAJAN
12-Apr-2019Variability studies in mutated and in vitro derived populations of sorghum sorghum sppJayaramachandran M.G. KANDASAMY