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22-Nov-2019Studies on somatic embryogenesis and Agrobacterium mediated transformation in Cotton Gossypium hirsutumKumari Vinodhana N.N. MEENAKSHI GANESAN
22-Nov-2019Studies on cgms based hybrids in pigeonpea cajanus cajan l Millsp With helicoverpa armigera hubner tolerance and confirmation through biochemical and molecular markersK.Indira PetchiammalAR . MUTHIAH
26-Mar-2019Genetic studies in cassava manihot esculenta crantz Germplasm and isolation of mutants with altered starch for augmenting industrial valueKanagarasu S.A.JOHN JOEL
22-Nov-2019Molecular tagging of temperature sensitive genic malesterility in rice cultigen ts 29 oryza sativa l its characterization and genome diversificationKavithamani D.K.MOHANASUNDARAM
22-Nov-2019Genetic analysis of grain quality traits in rice using segregating population of cb 04110 x kdml 105Sathya Sheela K.R.V.S. ROBIN
22-Nov-2019Identification of molecular markers for resistance to rust puccinia arachidis and late leaf spot phaeoisariopsis personata in groundnut arachis hypogaea lShoba D.P. VINDHIYAVARMAN
22-Nov-2019Molecular marker analysis for yield and yield component traits under non stress and drought stress conditions in groundnut arachis hypogaea lM.PriyadharshiniP. VINDHIYAVARMAN
22-Nov-2019Studies on induction of male sterility through wide hybridization and induced mutagenesis in sesame sesamum indicum lMeena Kumari B.K.GANESAMURTHY
26-Mar-2019Eevaluation of male gametocides and genetic studies in segregating population of soybean glycine max l merrillAbirami S.A. KALAMANI
26-Mar-2019Studies on induced mutagenesis and identification of low raffinose family ligosaccharides type and detection of candidate gene in blackgram vigna mungo l hepperRamya B.G.NALLATHAMBI