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26-Mar-2019Screening and isolation of antimicrobial metabolites and evaluation of the biocontrol potential of streptomyces sp tc1 for the management of bacterial leaf blight disease in riceJaivel N.P. MARIMUTHU
30-Apr-2019Studies on the process optimization and development of biocoil photobioreactor for textile and dyeing industry effluent treatment and photoproduction of hydrogen by cyanobacterial and algal systemsJeberlin Prabina B.K. KUMAR
30-Apr-2019Studies on the nitrogen contribution by stress tolerant cyanobacteria in different soils using 15n techniqueSelvakumar G.G. GOPALASWAMY
30-Apr-2019Development of microbial consortium for improvement of growth yield and alkaloid content of ashwagandha withania somnifera dunalGopal H.T. NATARAJAN
26-Mar-2019Bioprospecting of algae for biodiesel productionSuchitra RakeshK. KUMAR
26-Mar-2019Studies on bacteriocin production by lactococcus lactis subsp lactis for biopreservationUmamakesh P.S.GUNASEKARAN
26-Mar-2019Assessment of functional microbial diversity in the rhizosphere of selected semi arid tropicalgrassesSarathambal C.K. ILAMURUGU
26-Mar-2019Studies on ethylene producing microbial consortium for ripening of mango cv Neelum and banana cv naattu vazhaiArun kumar N.SP. SUNDARAM
26-Mar-2019Studies on bioconversion of selected lignocellulosic substrates into ethanol by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation ssf processSasikala G.N.O.GOPAL
26-Mar-2019Studies on screening and scaleup of fungal colourants and its applications in food and textilesPadmapriya C.R.MURUGESAN