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10-Jul-2019Influence of varieties times of planting spacings and nitrogen levels on growth yield and quality cropweather and growth simulation modelling and yield forecast in turmericKandiannan K.K.K. CHANDARAGIRI
10-Jul-2019Evaluation of sowing times and nutrient management practices for a new cropping system green gram maize sunflower under irrigated conditionMurali Arthanari P.T.N. BALASUBRAMANIAN
10-Jul-2019Identification of potential season and sowing window for irrigated co h 3 hybrid maize zea mays l and validation of ceres maize modelKarthikeyan R.T.N. BALASUBRAMANIAN
10-Jul-2019Integrated farming system for sustainable resource management in rainfed vertisols of western zone of Tamil naduEsther shekinah D.N. SANKARAN
10-Jul-2019Integrated phosphorus and calcium management in potato cabbage systemManorama K.A. BALASUBRAMANIAN
12-Apr-2019Genetic analysis and screening for drought tolerance in dual purpose sorghum sorghum bicolor l moenchMohanraj K.A. GOPALAN
18-Apr-2019Vesting post harvest handling and conditioning of fruit and seed in ash gourd benincasa hispida thunb CognMurugesan P.K. VANANGAMUDI
18-Apr-2019Investigations on nursery and main field management techniques for quality seed production of rice hybrid corh 2Raja K.A.S. PONNUSWAMY
18-Apr-2019Morphological biochemical and molecular characterisation of rice varieties and hybridsEevera T.K. VANANGAMUDI
18-Apr-2019Studies on ecological influence and post harvest seed management techniques on seed quality in hybrid rice oryza sativa lRamanadane T.A. S. PONNUSWAMY