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27-Jan-2020Biochemical and pharmacological studies on biogenic amines their enzymes and metabolites and their modification by drugs in normal and diseased condition in mastomys natalensisPandey, Subhash Chandra .Dhawan, B. N.
27-Jan-2020Studies on production of microbial protein from methane and methanolMishra, Shiv Kumar .Prabhu, K. A.
27-Jan-2020Chemical studies on enzyme degradationHannah, Rita .Murti, C. R. Krishna.
27-Jan-2020Lipid metabolism in amoeba in relation to virulence and encystationMisra, Sanjay Kumar .Garg, N. K.
27-Jan-2020Studies on some aspects of carbohydrate metabolism in the epididymis of rhesus monkey Macaca mulattaGupta , Gopal .Satty , B. S.
27-Jan-2020Genetic polymorphism and metabolic profile studies in patients with calcium oxalate urolithiasisBid, Hemand Kumar .N.D
27-Jan-2020Virulnce of strains of entamoeba histolytica grown with bacterial associates and axenically and the effect of cholesterol hamster liver and rat caecel passage on their virulenceGhoshal, Sheela .Das, S R.
27-Jan-2020Association studies of cytokine chemokine receptor and xenobiotic enzyme gene polymorphisms in cervical cancerSingh,Hariom,Mittal,Balraj,
27-Jan-2020Studies on nitrification and denitrification of ammonical wastesJain, Abhinandan Kumar .Pandey, G. N.
24-Jan-2020Biosynthesis of proteolytic enzymes for industrial useAgarwal, Manju.
24-Jan-2020Study on antioxidant and dyslipidemeia in diabetic rats the effect of some natural productsVerma, Prabha,Singh, R. K.,
24-Jan-2020Matrix metalloprateinase polymorphisms and risk associated with susceptibility to bladder cancer in north indiaSrivastava, Priyanka ,Mittal, Rama Devi ,
24-Jan-2020Macroionic modulation immobilization insolubilization of enzyme s substrate s0 especially RNA RAase hyaluronate hyaluronidaes systems some biochemical biomedical and analytical implications applicationsBharadwaj, NanditaSingh, Chanan.
24-Jan-2020Chemical and immunochemical studies in filariasisSrivastava, Anup Kumar .Saxena, K. C.
24-Jan-2020Studies on the metablism and chemical and biochemical action of the crangquillosedatibe drug centazoloneVarma, Vajay .Rao , V. K. Mohan.
24-Jan-2020Na K ATPase and calcium in cholinergic regulation of cardiac contractionKumar, RajivTripathi, Onkar N.
24-Jan-2020Chemical and biochemical studies on amoebic differentiationSrivastava, Deepak Kumar.Shukla, O P.
24-Jan-2020Cardioprotective role of certain vitamins and no precursor arginine in reference to chd cvd new risk factorsSingh, Sanjeev Kumar .Kumar, Ajay.
24-Jan-2020Cadmium induced biochemical alterations in developing nervous system and its correlation with essential nutrientsGupta, Alka .Chandra, Satya Vati.
24-Jan-2020Studies on human alpha feto proteinBansal, Veena .Sahib, M. K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 182