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26-Dec-2019Credit behaviour of small and marginal tribal farmers in respect of agricultural and sociol deveolopment in Jhabua district of M PAwasthi, Hemant Kumar .Ballabh, Shri.
26-Dec-2019Efficacy of mussoorie rock phosphate as phsphatic fertilizer for wheat and its residual effect on rice cropKishor, Kaushal .Verma, L P.
27-Dec-2019Diallel cross analysis of yield and its contributing characters in bread wheat triticum aestivum LKumar, Rajendra .Singh, L. R.
27-Dec-2019Combining ability and stability studies in early generation inbreds of maize Zea mays LKumar, Ajay .Tewari, D. S.
27-Dec-2019Study on relative storbility of linseed Linum ustiatissumum L Genotypes in different packaging materials and their performance for growth yield and quality parametrsSiddiqui, Javed ahmed.Singh, Poonam.
27-Dec-2019Performance of kishan sahayak on the communication of farm technologies in central UPBajpai, Nirmal Chandra .Shukla, K. S.
27-Dec-2019Response of lentil Lens culinaris Medik cultivars to zinc and boron in typic ustochrept soilKaran, Deo .Singh, S. B.
27-Dec-2019Sudies On Genetic Variaility And Combining Ablility For Agronomic And Seedling Characters In Wheat Triticum Aestivam LBajpai, Ved Prakash .Tiwari, L. P.
30-Dec-2019Genetical studies for agronomic and quality traits in indian mustard brassica juncea L czern and crossRajiv, .Tiwari, D S.
24-Dec-2019Heterosis breeding and genetic component study in bread wheat Triticum aestivum LTripathi, Sarita.Tiwari, L. P.