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24-Dec-2019Effect of pre harvest sprays of calcium compounds and alar on the quality and post harvest life of guava Psidium guajava L Cv sardarChandra, Ram .Sharma, R. K.
24-Dec-2019Regulation of growth and flowering in chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum morifolium ramat by plant growth regulatorsLodhi, Arun Kumar Singh .Sachan, B. P.
26-Dec-2019Studies on the effect of plant growth regulators on growth sex expression yield and physico chemical composition of papaya fruits Carica Papaya L cv pusa dwarfViswakarma, Santosh Kumar .Sachan, B P.
26-Dec-2019Morpho genetical evaluation of Phaseolus vulgaris varieties for green pod and seed yield under autumn and spring seasonDwivedi, Yogesh Chandra .Sharma, R. K.
26-Dec-2019Studies on the yield and quality of betel leaves as influenced by application of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizersMishra, Sunil Kumar .Sharma, R. K.
26-Dec-2019Studies on the storage behaviour and post harvest physiology of mandarin oranges citrus reticulata blanco var Nagpur and Kinnow mandarin treated with plant growth regulators at room temperatureArya, Praveen Kumar .Sachan, B.P.
26-Dec-2019Effect of paclobutrazol on growth and flowering of four winter annualsSrivastava, Sushil Kumar .Kumar, Sant.
24-Dec-2019Studies on the effect of season ringing and auxins on different to root stem cuttings of ornaments under mistGupta, Vishwambhar Nath .Bhutani, J C.
26-Dec-2019Effect of GA3 and iaa in growth flowering corm production in gladiolusKumar, Rajesh .Shukla, R.K.
26-Dec-2019Nutritional studies of single lobed garlic Allium sativum Linn under Allahabad conditionSingh, Vijai .Sharma, R. K.