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26-Dec-2019Studies on the storage behaviour and post harvest physiology of mandarin oranges citrus reticulata blanco var Nagpur and Kinnow mandarin treated with plant growth regulators at room temperatureArya, Praveen Kumar .Sachan, B.P.
26-Dec-2019Studies in nitrogen nutrition and easonal variations of Japanese mint Mentha arvensis L Var Piperascens HolmesSingh, Aparbal .Singh, Jai Prakash.
26-Dec-2019Genetic analysis of yield attributes in table pea pisum sativum LPal, Kosendra .Tiwari, D. S..
27-Dec-2019Genetic analysis of grain yield and its cintributing traits in wheat Triticum aestivum LRaghav, Surendra Pal Singh .Ram, Lakhi.
27-Dec-2019Studies on effect of nutrients application on morphological and physiological characteristics of hybrid cotton Gossypium hirsutum LSharma, Jai Kishan .Tiwari, D. S.
27-Dec-2019Genetic and adaptability studies for some metric and quality attributes in relation to productivity in linseed linum usitatissimum LYadav, Rajendra Kumar .Gupta, Ram Jee Ram.
30-Dec-2019Evalution of productive efficiency of linseed Linum usitatissimum varieties under varying levels of nitrogenSengar, Shashi Bala .Srivastava, R. D. Lal.
30-Dec-2019Evaluation of produtive efficiency of linseed linium usitatissimum varieties under varying levels of nitrogenSengar, Shashi Bala .Srivastava, R D Lal.
30-Dec-2019Diagnostic and recommendation integrated system for establishing nitrogen phosphorus and patassium foliar diagnostic norms for rice oryza sativa L in neh regionSingh, Chandra Shekhar .Singh, Lal.
16-Jan-2020Impact of social forestry on rural economy in Allahabad district U PKumar, Niraj .Singh, V. B.