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27-Dec-2019Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on the growth flowering and esswntial oil content of german chamomile Matrica chamomilla LinnDixit, Anuj Kumar .Chaturedi, O. P.
30-Dec-2019Efficacy of biofertilizer studies in fennel Foeniculum vulgare millDwivedi, Satya Vart .Mishra, H.R.
27-Dec-2019American jewish sensibility in the novels of Birnard MalamudBiswjit, Si .Mishra, Shikha.
27-Dec-2019Selecttion parameters and divergence for vegetative and floral traits in gladiolusSingh, Om Veer .Tiwari, D. S.
31-Dec-2019Diallel analysis of bread wheat Triticum aestivum L for some quantitive and quality charactersPaliwal, Achira .Tiwari, L. P.
31-Dec-2019Studies on the transfer and utilization of technologies relating to medicinal and aromatic plants in Barabbanki district of Uttar PradeshSingh, Asha .Niranjan, Man Singh.
31-Dec-2019Studies on the effect of foliar application of nitrogen zinc and born on growth development yield quality and physico chemical compostion of guava fruitws psidium guajava l variety allahabad safedaYadav, Mahesh Prasad .Sachan , B. P. .
31-Dec-2019Response of various doses of nitrogen and spacing on growth and yield of turmeric curcuma Longa L Cv MedukarPandey, Dinesh Kumar .Mishra, H.R.
31-Dec-2019Heterosis breeding and genetic component study in bread wheat Triticum aestivum LTripathi, Sarita.Tiwari, L. P.
31-Dec-2019Studies on the variation in quality traits of aonla Emblica officinalis gaertn cultivars and their suitability for processing industryKumar, Rajendra.Shukla, P. K.