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13-Jan-2020Effect of n p on the growth yield and flowering of tuberose polianthes tuberosa lSrivastava, Ajai.Sharma, R. K. .
16-Jan-2020Effect of N P K Nutrition on growth yield and quality of amrpalli variety of mango Mangifera indica L under agro climatic conditions of central UPMishra, Ravi Shanker .Misra, H. R.
16-Jan-2020Effect of planting geometry bulb size and planting dates on growth yield and quality of seed and determination of selection indices in Allium cepa LAsati, K P .Prasad, A.
16-Jan-2020Effect of gibberellic acid nitrogen levels and spacings on growth yield and quality of cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata linnKumar, Vinod .Sharma, R.K.
23-Jan-2020Study of fertilizer use and its impact on productivity of crops in Allahabad district UPSingh, Ramesh .Gupta, S. L.
24-Jan-2020Analysis of farm broadcast over two selsected stations of All India Radio representing different agroclimatic regions of UPSrivastava, Anop Kumar .Srivastava, J. P.
27-Jan-2020Genetic varability studies in gladiolusSingh, Virendra .Prasad, A..
27-Jan-2020Studies on the effect of gibberellic acid and 2 4 d on growth development yield quality and physico chemical composition of guava fruits psidium guajava l varieties allahabad safeda and apple colourMishra , Rakesh Kumar .Sachan, B. P..
23-Jan-2020Studies on salt tolerance in some rose speciesSharma, Chandra Pal .Sharma, R. K.
22-Jan-2020Study on effect of phosphorus rhizobium inoculation and cycocel on growth yield and quality of pea Pisum sativum Azad P 1Singh, Devendra Pratap .Singh, R.P.