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7-Dec-2018Studies on performance genetic variability correlation and path coefficient analysis in gladiolus gladiolus grandiflorusGangwar, AmitYadav, M.P.
24-Dec-2018Evaluation of interated plant nutrient management options for indian mustard brassica juncea l on an inceptisolPathak, JagnnathPal, Ram Lakhan
14-Mar-2019Studies on the effect of pre harvest treatment of some nutritients on physico chemical qualities and shelf life of mango mangifera indica L CV dashehariChauhan, Bal Bahadur SinghShukla, P.K.
24-Dec-2019Effect of pre harvest sprays of calcium compounds and alar on the quality and post harvest life of guava Psidium guajava L Cv sardarChandra, Ram .Sharma, R. K.
24-Dec-2019Studies on nutritional requirement of gladiolusSingh, Kamal .Prasad, A..
24-Dec-2019Regulation of growth and flowering in chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum morifolium ramat by plant growth regulatorsLodhi, Arun Kumar Singh .Sachan, B. P.
26-Dec-2019Studies on the effect of plant growth regulators on growth sex expression yield and physico chemical composition of papaya fruits Carica Papaya L cv pusa dwarfViswakarma, Santosh Kumar .Sachan, B P.
26-Dec-2019Morpho genetical evaluation of Phaseolus vulgaris varieties for green pod and seed yield under autumn and spring seasonDwivedi, Yogesh Chandra .Sharma, R. K.
24-Dec-2019Studies on foliar nutrition of gladiolusSingh, Jitendra .Singh, A.R.
26-Dec-2019Studies on osmotic dehydration of aonla fruits Emblica officinalis gaertn cv banarasiKumar, Raj .Shukla, R. K.