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Title: Development of Novel Synthetic Methodologies Characterization and Studies on Magnetic and Surface Properties of Some Binary and Ternary Transition Metal Nitrides
Guide(s): Rabi Narayan Panda
Keywords: quotPhysics, Novel Synthetic, Magnetic and Surface Properties, Metal Nitridesquot
University: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Completed Date: 2018
Abstract: Transition metal nitrides are technologically important because of their unique physical and chemical properties. Research on metal nitrides is scanty, due to their synthetic newlinedifficulty. Also, the stability of the metal nitrides is a matter of concern, as most nitrides are sensitive to oxygen and form oxides in air atmosphere. Therefore, studies on metal nitrides are not explored much. The present study investigates novel synthesis, characterization techniques, surface and magnetic properties study of nitrides such as: and#949;- CoxFe3-xN (0 and#8804; x and#8804; 0.4), and#947;and#8242;-NixFe4-xN (x = 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8), VN, and#947;-Mo2N, and#947;-CoxMo2-xN(x= 0.25), and#946;-W2N and CoWN2 materials. Various novel synthetic routes have been developed and adopted to obtain the above mentioned nitrides as pure phase nano-structures. The observed properties newlinehave been correlated to the size, shape and structure of the materials. Size and surface newlineeffects become predominant at nano scale leading to variation in intrinsic properties, which is evident in our research findings. newlineand#949;-Fe3N and and#947;and#8242;- Fe4N materials have been synthesized via citric acid assisted sol-gel newlinemethod. The effect of Co substitution on structural and magnetic properties of and#949;-phase iron nitride has been studied in detail. and#949;- CoxFe3-xN (0 and#8804; x and#8804; 0.4) materials crystallize in hexagonal crystal structure with values of lattice parameters in the range of a = 4.772 -4.783 Å and c = 4.413 - 4.423 Å. The crystallite sizes of the products are estimated to be in the range of 44 - 55 nm. For and#949;-Co0.1Fe2.9N nitride, and#947;and#8242;-Fe4N phase along with and#949;-Fe3N phase was observed in the XRD pattern. With gradual increase of Co content (x) to 0.2 at wt%, and#949;-Fe3N phase was stabilized. However, with further increase of Co content (x) upto 0.3 and 0.4 at wt%, small amount of and#945;-Fe precipitation in the nitride product as impurity phase was obtained. It is observed that with increasing Co substitution, the lattice parameters as well as the crystallite sizes of and#949;- CoxFe3-xN (0 and#8804; x and#8804; 0.4) system increases in a systematic manner.The average SEM par
Pagination: 193p.
Appears in Departments:Physics

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