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23-Apr-2013Synthesis and biological evaluation of some heterocyclic derivatives of indane-1, 3-dione and formulation of any one of the synthesized productGiles DKarki, Roopa
19-Apr-2012Formulation and evaluation of oral controlled release dosage forms of some anti viral drugsPadala, Narayana RajuNarasu, M Lakshmi; Katakam, Prakash
19-Apr-2012Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new chalcones, pyrimidines and pyrazolinesSrinath, NissankararaoRajendra Prasad, Y; Mukkanti, K
8-Aug-2011Design and biopharmaceutical evaluation of nanoparticles containing antibioticsRamesh, SRanganayakulu, D; Chetty, C Madhusudhana
19-Apr-2012Development of chronotherapeutic formulation for anti-asthmatic drugsNarendra, CSrinath, M S
19-Apr-2012Designing fabrication and evaluation of controlled drug delivery systems of some potential anti diabetic drugs using synthetic and natural polymersAhad, Hindustan AbdulHimabindu, V
19-Apr-2012Synthesis, hydrolysis and pharmacodynamic profiles of novel prodrugs of some non steroidal anti inflammatory drugsRasheed, ArunAshokkumar, C K
19-Apr-2012Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of some indian medicinal plants for antioxidant and anti ulcer activityGeetha, K MSridhar, C
23-Apr-2013Neuroimmune and neuroendocrine effects of certain medicinal plants on and#946;-amyloid induced amnesia in experimental animalsHanish Singh J CAlagarsamy, V; Reddy, Y Narsimha
30-Apr-2013Pharmaceutical analytical method development and validation for determination of some drugs in bulk, dosage form and biological samplesSireesha K RPrakash K