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8-Aug-2011Design and biopharmaceutical evaluation of nanoparticles containing antibioticsRamesh, SRanganayakulu, D; Chetty, C Madhusudhana
25-Aug-2011Studies on synthesis and evaluation of some novel halogenated heterocyclic compounds as potent chemotherapeutic agentsSudhakara Rao, GNadendla, Rama Rao; Mukkanti, K
26-Apr-2013Formulation development for the oral drug delivery systems of Leukotriene inhibitors in the treatment of asthmaKanaka Durga Devi NPrameela Rani A
16-Jun-2014Pharmacological Evaluation of selected Ayurvedic, Unani and Herbal drugs for treatment of Epilepsy and Psychic depression in animal modelsAnupama, PSatyanarayana, S; Mukkanti, K
23-Apr-2013Development and evaluation of novel drug delivery system of selective H2 receptor antagonistAlagusundaram MDhachinamoorthi D; Chetty, C Madhusudhana
9-Jun-2014Design and Evaluation of Floating Dosage Forms as Controlled Release ModulesDasari, VarunRao , Chandu Babu; Mukkanti,K
20-May-2014Synthesis of Mercapto-(Oxadiazole/Triazole) Carboxylic acid Compounds and their derivatives of Biological interestRao , Manikrao Anil MadhavChaple
10-Mar-2014Development and bioavailability studies of chronopharmaceutical delivery systems of selected anti asthmatic drugSubray, Bhat AmitChowdary , K P R
27-Jun-2014Studies on the mechanisms of Drug interactions of selected antiretroviral drugs with Gliclazide in animal modelsShaik, MastanKumar, K Eswar
20-May-2014Formulation and Evaluation of fast disintegrating sublingual mucosal delivery of drugs used for the treatment of migraineHarika, BalusuReddy, V Prabhakar